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Your ultimate guide to buying grass fed beef and organic meat online with home delivery and at the best price!


You probably already know all about the many benefits of eating grass fed beef and organic meat if you're searching for the best source. It is truly amazing that the nutritional make up of organic grass fed meat can be so different (and healthier) than the factory farmed and grain fed beef. So, now that you know you want it in your diet, where can you buy it?

1.  Organic grocers like "Whole Foods" carry some organic meat. Our customers, from cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and even Phoenix, tell us they didn't like having to drive out of their way to their nearest organic grocer only to be disappointed by the lack of selection or quality. Sometimes the stores would only have grass fed ground beef or organic ground beef but not often would they have a good selection of organic and grass fed meats with a variety of steak cuts. Often the meats in stores can come from as far away as New Zealand or Australia, which is quite a good size carbon foot print!

2.  Farmer's markets can be a good choice for meat from a local farmer if you have access and the time to drive and shop each week. Often, those from large urban areas like Los Angeles and San Diego and those from desert areas like Phoenix and Las Vegas just don't have that access. Some people have access to this source of grass fed meat and don't mind that these smaller producers are not usually certified organic because of the cost and time requirements to become certified. You can speak with the representative at the market to see if they raise their animals to organic standards and decide if you want to trust that their animals never receive antibiotics and live their lives on land that hasn't been exposed to checmicals like pesticides and herbicides for at least 3 years. One issue our customers have talked to us about with meat from a farmer's market is that, again, the selection can be disppointing. If you don't get there early, they can be sold out of the cuts you prefer. Additionally, the packaging of the meat is typically inferior - just in butcher paper or some other type of packaging that will allow freezer burn to happen.

3.  If you have direct access to a local farmer, they may sell you a cattle share or you can share with friends and neighbors. This typically requires that you take all the meat from the portion of the animal you purchase.  Some people do not prefer this as they end up with a large quantity of beef either in the form of ground meat or cuts they do not know how to cook or they don't like those cuts. You will also need a large amount of freezer space to store all that meat. For example, one cattle has only two tenderloins averaging about 5-8 pounds each. If you buy 1/2 an animal you would get one of those tenderloins, that will yield an average 14 filet mignon steaks (8 oz. approx. each). From this same animal you will receive approximagely 90 pounds of ground meat. For a family of four that is roughly 3-4 meals of filet mignon vs. 90 meals of ground beef. That proportion is not ideal for many families.

4. For the highest quality organic meat and grass fed beef shop online with Topline Foods and reeceive all these benefits:

  • We sell only organic and 100% grass fed beef raised on American family farms in the Pacific Northwest where the temperate climate provides grasses which are naturally abundant and lush.

  • Because our meat is both organic and 100% grass fed, you are getting the healthiest and best quality possible with no antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. Grass fed meat gives you favorable taste and nutrition benefits with less fat and calories.

  • The pastures the animals graze and live upon are certified organic and free from all chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers.

  • Our farmers take pride in their responsible husbandry allowing for a stress free and happy life for their animals and sustainability for their land.

  • All our meats are packaged individually and vacuum sealed which preserves the flavor and high quality without the use of chemcial preservatives. This special packaging also eliminates freezer burn and keeps your meat fresh in the freezer for at least a year without degradation of quality and no need to re-package.

  • You can shop for exactly the cuts and quantities you prefer including Filet Mignon, New York Strip, Rib Eye, Top Sirloin, Skirt, and Flank steaks; Bottom Round, Chuck and Tri-Tip Roasts; ground beef and burger patties. We also offer other highest qualtiy and healthy meats like wild caught seafood and organic free range chicken.

  • We deliver nationwide and provide especially affordable and fast delivery in Southern California including Los Angeles and San Diego; Las Vegas, NV; and throughout Arizona including Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff. Plus, take $10 off your first order by using coupon code IWantGrassFed and click here to learn our 5 tips to get the best prices on your grass fed beef and organic meats shipped to your home.

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