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Quality always tastes better
Every Item Individually Packed and Hand Selected
Sourced From Family Owned Farms Who Serve Their Local Community
Our quality is sustainable
We take your health seriously
Family Owned & operated

Quality Verified Look for our quality verified seal on all our products that meet these specifications
Topline Foods Defines Home Delivery & Convenience in Metro Phoenix and Surrounding Areas When you think of Topline Foods and convenience, most people immediately think of the "Click for shipping information" home delivery aspect to our service. However, many of our customers are finding out just how convenient the preparation of our food is after the home delivery.
  • "I love the ease and convenience of being able to order all my grass fed meats online. Not having to rush out to the grocery store with 3 kids has been a blessing! Thanks Topline!"

    - Keyle K

  • "As a past professional athlete, diet and exercise have always been important to me. That's why when we found Topline with great quality meats at a price that is very affordable for our budgets, we were hooked!"

    - Phil S

  • "Having a 15 month old baby, healthy choices for our family is extremely important. We just love the convenience of home delivery, spending less time at the grocery store, and no more re-packaging our food! Plus, the quality is incredible!"

    - Lauren H

  • "Having done "Cow Shares" in the past, I was always left with different cuts of meat I didn't know what to do with. No more, with Topline's individual portion control packaging, I eat only what I need with no leftovers. "

    - Natalie T

  • Food Delivery

    Order on-line and we will deliver all natural meats, wild caught seafood and much more to make it easier to eat grass fed! Our foods are free of antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides and herbicides, nitrites and nitrates, steroids, additives and chemicals! We've made it our business to make eating safe, nutritious meals easy and affordable. Free for orders over $100. $15 for orders under $100.

    Grass Fed Beef

    Our cattle graze in open pastures. Our humane treatment results in better overall animal health, eliminating any need for antibiotics & hormones. Grass fed beef is lower in fat and in calories than conventional grain fed beef. It is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids which is essential in improving heart health and reducing the risk of arthritis, obesity, insulin resistance, allergies, and autoimmune disease. It is also higher in beta-carotene.

  • Grass Fed Beef

    Are you a fan of great tasting beef but are scared of GMO's and feedlots? Then our grass fed beef is for you. Livestock are raised using Sustainable Agricultural Practices that assure the land remains in its natural state, free from herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The cattle never see a feedlot and never receive any added Hormones or Antibiotics Ever!.


    Our chicken has been called the safest, highest quality, and best tasting chicken in the United States. It uses the pure air chill technology in place of water immersion. In addition, all of our birds are raised without the use of antibiotics, animal by-products or hormones. We are also Certified Natural & Certified Humane to provide you with the most premium product, produced with the highest standards, from egg to shelf.

  • Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

    We are proud to offer a wide selection of wild caught seafood. Some of our selections include; wild caught Alaskan Salmon, wild caught Alaskan Halibut, wild caught Chilean Sea Bass, Mahi Mahi, Ahi Tuna, and of course our famous Colossal wild caught Shrimp. Try some today and see why so many people are eating this healthy protein.

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