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Should you buy Organic Beef, Grass Fed Beef or Organic Grass Fed Beef? We'll break it down for you.

What is Organic Beef?

Organic beef is meat that has been certified as organic by the USDA. This means the animals are born and raised on pasture which is also certified organic. In addition, an organic animal's mother must have eaten organic feed for the last 1/3rd of the gestational period. Their outdoor access cannot be restricted and they are free to engage in natural behaviors. Any shelters provided for the animals should ensure their comfort and still allow opportunity for exercise and movement. Organic animals are raised in a stress free and humane manner. If you are looking for GMO free meat, organic beef is the way to go.

Organic cattle are never fed animal by products. If the label on the meat doesn't specify "grass fed" it was almost certainly fed grains, albeit organic GMO free grains, during the last 60-90 days of life. An organic animal doesn't eat these grains at a feedlot, they are offered to the animals in the pasture. Unlike factory farmed feed lot cattle, organic cattle are never fed plastic pellets for roughage, or formulas containing urea or manure. 

No herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers or other chemicals have been used for at least the last three years on the pasture that the cattle live and graze upon.  The animals may not receive any antibiotics or added hormones to promote rapid growth. To maintain organic certification, the farm and the farmer's records are audited annually by the USDA.


What is Grass-Fed Beef?

Grass fed beef cattle are raised on pasture eating only grass their entire lives. When they are unable to graze on pasture due to inclement weather, they are provided with dried grasses known as "silage". However, the land they are raised on and the silage they are offered may or may not have been exposed to chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides.

A considerable number of grass fed beef farmers raise their cattle to organic standards, meaning they do not use any chemicals on their land, however, they cannot or do not want to obtain organic certification. Sometimes this is due to the high cost and time intensive requirements of obtaining and maintaining certification. Because these animals and their feed is not certified organic, the meat cannot be considered GMO free.

Grass-fed beef also offers a much better nutritional profile including being higher in Omega3s and lower in Omega 6s. It is also higher in many nutrients including CLAs. You can click here to read more about the exceptional nutrition of grass fed meats.

What is Organic Grass Fed Beef?

Organic grass fed beef is both 100% grass fed its entire life as well as being born and raised on certified organic pasture - it combines the best of both of the above! Why do we say that it is the best? Well, because not only are the animals well raised humanely and without stress, they do not receive any antibiotics or added hormones and their grass feed, pastures and the animals themselves are never exposed to unwanted chemicals and can be considered GMO free. This means you and your family avoids exposure to antibiotics, genetically modified (engineered) organisms, added hormones and many chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and fungicides. Because the meat is organic and grass fed it is also much less likely to cause food borne illness.


Where can I buy Organic Grass Fed Beef?

Some people are fortunate enough to have local access to all manner of organic meats. Others, not so much! For example, desert areas like Phoenix and Las Vegas don't really have an abundance of grasses to support many cattle ranches. Large urban areas like Los Angeles, San Diego or even Orange County may have trouble finding organic meats, as well.

There are many online providers of organic or grass fed beef, including Topline Foods, however, not all of them provide American grass fed meats. As you shop online, you will see that some retailers offer organic beef but not grass fed and finished meat. Some offer grass fed but it may come from as far away as South America (that's up to a 10 thousand mile trip!) and it is not certified organic. Topline Foods offers everything you are looking for - American certified organic grass fed beef! Our organic grass fed beef is raised in the Pacific Northwest which offers an almost perfect environment with its abundant naturally lush grasses and temperate climate.

Bonus: Want some tips on how to save money when buying organic meats from Topline Foods?

One way is to take advantage of our "bulk discounts" offered on our most popular items. Just click on an item to see the quantity necessary to save. We also offer a Loyaty Rewards Program, Referral Rewards and monthly emails with up to date information about sales, specials, restocked and new items.  Click here to see more tips on saving money when buying organic grass fed beef online.

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