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Get the best prices on shipping your Topline Foods Grass Fed and Organic Meats


Use these 5 tips to get the best prices on our all grass fed beef and organic meats shipped to your home.

  1. Place larger orders less frequently. There are certain fixed, one time per order costs associated with shipping. This means that shipping a $50 order will not be significantly less than shipping a $200 order. In most cases, the difference for the larger order will only be a few dollars. You can test this out by placing items in your cart, then using the "shipping estimator" to see what the shippig cost will be. Now, add more items and repeat the process to see what the difference will be for you in your zip code.
  2. Because of our location in Phoenix, AZ and our proximity to UPS hubs in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County which serve all of Southern California these areas will have the most favorable shipping rates. If you live in Arizona, Nevada or Southern California your package will only be one day in transit once shipped, this is probably favorable over other meat suppliers further east in the U.S.
  3. Sign up for our weekly emails to learn about specials, sales and new or restocked items. We promise not to spam you or let anyone else have your email. Plus, each email will contain a link to unsubscribe if you wish.
  4. We also offer a Loyalty Rewards program where you can earn a 10% discount coupon for every 5 orders over $99 you place. It is automatically tracked by us, you don't have to do a thing!
  5. Since your are interested in grass fed and organic meats, you probably have family and friends that are also looking for these healthy products. You can get a $10 Referral Reward when your friends let us know you referred them (just have them put your name in the "special instructions" box at checkout). Ask us to send you a coupon code you can email to your friends to use (worth $10) on their first order - they'll definitely thank you! When they have placed their order and let us know your name, we'll let you know that we have placed a $10 store credit on your account.

Topline Foods looks forward to serving you and providing you and your family with our 100% grass fed and finished organic beef and other organic meats. Whether you live in Arizona, California or Nevada (or any state!), we will ship your meat safely to your door!


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