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Is Organic Beef also Grass Fed?


When an animal is certified organic it means that whatever feed it receives is also certified organic (click for more details on what certified organic beef means). It does not dictate what that feed is, though, so it could consist of any combination of grasses and grains.  If you want beef that never received any grains, you need to look for the statement "100% grass fed" or "grass fed and finished" from the supplier to know that the animal was not fed any grains - organic or not.

All cattle begin with being fed grasses. Whether that grass is foraged by the cattle as they roam on green pastures or is fed to them in a dried state (silage) in confinement is also a question to answer. Topline Foods cattle are all raised in the Pacific Northwest on the naturally abundant green pastures of the local area by family farmers that care. They spend their entire lives eating grass and are never given any type of grain. The pastures they roam are also certified organic so you know that they were not treated with herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The cattle are non-GMO because organic pasture excludes any GMOs. They also never go to a feed lot, receive antibiotics or growth hormones - ever!

If  organic beef receive grains it would be provided to them in the field (not a feedlot) and would be certified organic grains. As you might imagine, organic grains are substantially higher in cost than non-organic grains. This is one of the main reasons that organic meat is higher in cost than factory farmed beef. Generally, grains that are organically grown are sold for human consumption so organic farmers that feed their cattle grains have to compete in that market place for grain. Organic beef that receives grains would come to weight more quickly than 100% grass fed cattle and would also have increased marbling due the rapid weight gain that grain causes.

Topline Foods organic, grass fed beef is the best of grass fed and organic meats.

You get all the confidence of knowing the cattle were raised sustainably on organic pastures by local farmers with pride. You know they never went to a feedlot or received any antibiotics, added hormones or growth promoting substances in a low stress environment. You know they roamed freely their entire life foraging for grasses just as nature intended.

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