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Why do people in Los Angeles want to buy grass fed meat?

The news is spreading quickly that organic beef and grass fed meat are healthier and more nutritious than their factory farmed, grain finished counterparts.When beef cattle are grass fed and finished they are eating the diet nature intended. This has a number of benefits for you, the animals and the earth. 


Beef are ruminants and their bodies are designed to efficiently digest grasses.

When they eat their natural diet and only grasses - not grain finished in the field or the feed lot - their digestion is healthy and their bodies are healthy. When fed grains, beef essentially have constant "heart burn" and the pH of their stomachs is off. This creates the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to thrive. It also changes the nutritional content of their meat. Grass fed meat is higher in many nutrients including Omega3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, potassium, Vitamin E and is lower in unhealthful Omega6 fatty acids. Learn more about why grass fed meat is healthier.

Animals born and raised on pasture lead happier and less stressful lives.

Our grass fed meat comes from beef animals that are born and raised in America on certified organic pasture. They live their entire lives roaming chemical free fields filled with naturally lush grasses. Because they are essentially living as nature intended, there is very little stress and the family farmers who care for them take great pride in treating their animals with respect and kindness. Because of this care, the animals generally never need antibiotics and are removed from the organic program if they do become ill and require treatment. They are also allowed to grow at their own natural rate without added horomones, steroids or other growth promotants.

family-farmer-organic-grass-fed-beef.jpgWhen animals are grazing on open pasture, they are fertilizing the earth not contaminating it.

Our family farmers know about sustainable practices! They take care to rotate their stock throughout various pastures on their land. This not only allows for the grasses to regrow after grazing but spreads the cattles' manure to encourage a healthy ecosystem. Feed lots, on the other hand, have large pools of waste which can contaminate the surrounding area and water supplies and are a health hazard.

Los Angeles is learning why grass fed meats are better for you!

If you live in Los Angeles and want grass fed meats, Topline Foods offers a wide selection of grass fed meats and more delivered to your door. We also ship affordably throughout Southern California (including San Diego and Orange County) and the West. Shopping is easy and the quality and selection of meats is unsurpassed. We source our grass fed and finished meat from certified organic family farms. It is processed and individually packaged in vacuum sealed packages at a certified organic USDA inspected facllity. We then flash freeze to maintain quality and freshness without additives or chemicals. You'll enjoy the taste and the healthy benefits!

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