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Why Buy Grass Fed Beef?


How does Topline Foods save you money on your all natural and organic grocery shopping?

At Topline Foods, we always offer our customers the best tasting, most nutritious, highest quality products that we can find; and despite our efforts to make sure you get the best deal possible, that means our prices appear to be a bit higher than the mass produced stuff at the grocery store.

That’s where our unique business model comes in to save the day. By having our customers buy online and delivering our products right to their homes, not only do we keep the overhead and upkeep of a physical store out of your prices, we also put time and money back in your pocket; and our customers agree that choosing Topline Foods’ proteins over grocery store food can actually pay for itself.

How has buying Topline Foods changed your shopping experience?

John in Phoenix:

It’s just been amazing. It used to be such a pain hauling a week’s worth of groceries, especially during the summer. Nowadays, I only have to go for dairy, produce and pantry items and things. My trips are much shorter, and I go much less often. The difference in the gas definitely adds up.

Lois in Scottsdale:

It’s a lot simpler now, my list is so short, I can just pick up what I need on my way back from work. No more big excursions taking time out of our weekends, no more kids screaming for things they don’t need. Now that they don’t have to walk around the store for an hour watching toys and cartoon characters float by, they haven’t even noticed that they’re not eating extra candy every Saturday and Goldfish with every meal. It’s such an easy way to help make sure my kids are eating healthier, and you wouldn’t believe how much it saves me at the register.

Keith in Mesa:

I used to spend a lot of time and energy trying to make smart decisions at the grocery store, trying to read through all the jargon on the labels. A lot of the time I’d just get frustrated and buy whatever; because they didn’t have anything good, or the stuff wasn’t labeled, or I just couldn’t understand all the ingredients. I haven’t got time to become an expert; I just want to eat food that’s not going to make me sick. With Topline, you know exactly what you’re getting. Everything is laid out very simply. You can trust that what they’ve got is good stuff, and if you have any questions, they’ve got the information pages right there. It’s a weight off my mind, and more time in my week.

What other ways has Topline Foods helped you save time and money?

Susanna in Chandler:

We don’t eat out at restaurants nearly as often. I mean, that’s always something they tell you ‘Oh, just eat out less, you’ll save money’, but sometimes you just have to. You get sick of eating the same old junk, and every now and then you have to just go out and find something you can actually taste, you know? Well, we can taste this stuff. It’s definitely restaurant quality, a lot of times it’s better than restaurant quality. We can eat filet mignon and Alaskan salmon in our own living room, or buffalo burgers in our backyard or while we’re watching a movie together, and a lot of the time it ends up being like half the price. And that’s before you count gas, or the time spent driving around looking for the restaurant that serves what you’re looking for, or waiting for your food to show up and listening to other people’s kids make a scene.

A lot of our customers say that Topline Foods pays for itself in the long run, and that’s before we even count the vast improvement in quality, and the potential medical benefits. Our organic products, grass fed beef and wild-caught fish have been proven to be drastically higher in key nutrients, and lower in potentially harmful or carcinogenic chemicals.

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