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Can you buy Organic Grass-Fed Beef in Phoenix Arizona without buying the whole cow?

Topline Foods is Phoenix’s best source of restaurant quality, flash frozen organic and grass-fed beef. We choose producers who understand that eating healthy foods is essential to our health, and that raising healthy foods takes time, care, and a natural environment, not a metal box and a dump truck full of chemicals and byproducts. And now, Phoenix citizens can have these excellent products delivered right to their doors. Enjoy cooking with our pot roast, burgers, New York Strips, Rib Eye steaks and filet mignon, each one already leaner, and packed with more nutrients and a bolder flavor than any conventional grain-fed beef can ever hope to have.

organic-grass-fed-beef-cattle-on-pasture.jpgBy eating the foods that it was designed to eat, grass –fed cows get a near perfect balance of all the things it needs to be healthy, and it can fill up stores of more than just fat and raw energy. Grass fed beef is filled with all kinds of helpful things, like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, and potassium. Also, because the lifestyle of these cows is so much cleaner and healthier, it doesn’t need a constant stream of antibiotics to keep it alive, and its meat is still much less likely to be contaminated with germs like E. coli. For the whole story of how switching to grass-feed beef can make your meals healthier and tastier, click here.

Unfortunately, because the benefits of grass-fed beef are only just being rediscovered, and the demand is still relatively low, most farmers don’t have enough customers to supply the small, portioned steaks most families prefer. To buy from these suppliers direct, you often have to buy meat by the half or quarter cow.  The meat might last about six months frozen, but half a cow tends to take up a lot of room in the family freezer,  and by the time you get down to the last week or so, you might need an ice pick or a blow torch to find out what kind of steak you’re grabbing! That’s where Topline Foods comes in. We buy in bulk so that you don’t have to, and deliver the goods in individually portioned, vacuum-sealed plastic packages to health conscious consumers all over the Phoenix area.

If you live somewhere in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, log in and shop now to learn how you can get this and plenty more nutritious, restaurant quality foods delivered straight to your door. If you aren't in Arizona, don't worry! We ship everywhere, too!

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