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Want to buy organic grass fed beef in Los Angeles California?


Topline Foods delivers the finest quality organic grass fed beef and other meats to your door in Los Angeles, CA. Ordering online is convenient and saves hours per month from driving around town looking for the best meats. Our customers tell us they love the consistency of our products and the availability of many different cuts of beef including steaks (New York Strip, Filet Migon, Rib Eye, Top Sirloin, Flank and Skirt) and roasts (chuck, rump and tri-tip).  We also offer the highest quality wild caught seafood and antibiotic free and organic chicken. And, all our pork is pasture raised on family farms. You can learn more about our products here.

Our organic beef is 100% grass fed and finished on the rolling green pastures of the Northwestern United States. The pastures are also certified organic so the animals are never exposed to chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. In fact, they are born and live their entire lives on organic pasture. They are never treated with antibiotics or given added hormones or steroids to promote unnaturally rapid growth. They never go to a feedlot.

If you are new to grass fed beef, organic or otherwise, you will notice that it is leaner and lower in fat and calories than corn or grain finished animals. When cattle are fed grains for the last few months before harvest, it packs on weight quickly which is where the intramuscular fat (or marbling) of traditional raised cattle comes from. There are many other health benefits for you and the animals and you can read more facts and figures here.

Save time and money in Los Angeles and shop online for home delivery of the highest quality organic grass fed beef.

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