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Here are some tips for affording organic meat when you're on a budget - whether you follow the Paleo Diet or just want to eat healthier meat!


If you aren't on the Paleo Diet, you may be unfamiliar with this way of eating. It basically eliminates things that weren't available to our ancestors like sugar, legumes, dairy and grains. So that leaves meat (preferably organic and grass fed, not factory farmed), fruits and veggies, seafood and poultry. It emphasizes quality of products as well. This is because when the meat you eat is high quality and well raised, the nutrition provided your body is also much higher quality. So, ideally the beef should be organic and grass fed, the seafood should be wild caught and the poultry should be at least antibiotic free and cage free if not organic and free range. It is purported to be a very healthy lifestyle which can help in losing pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. While we don't endorse any one particular way of eating, we do believe in organic meat being better for you, the animals and the environment. So, you have made the decision to seek out these quality meats, how do you afford them when you're on a budget? Here are some ways to make the most of your meat dollars:

  • Buy less expensive, tougher cuts of meat and use a slow cooker to tenderize and create delicious meals. Cuts like chuck or rump roast are tougher but less expensive. And, when you cook a roast in the slow cooker you can have leftovers for days (depending on the size of your family). Add your roast to the slow cooker with some onions and carrots, add some bone broth or stock and seasonings, turn it on and at the end of the day you have a melt in your mouth roast beef.

  • Shop for ingredients and not products. What is the difference? Ingredients are whole, single ingredient foods like meats, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Products are things that have ingredients in them to create a different food. For example, buying a steak and a sweet potato to cook for dinner is buying ingredients. Buying a product would be buying a prepared stew and heating it up. When you look at the nutritional values for "products" vs. "ingredients" you will be amazed that even the cleanest prepared foods have such high levels of sodium, for one thing.  When you buy and cook a simple meal with a meat and a vegetable you can control the sodium and fats as well as the flavor! And, you'll spend a lot less money because you provide the labor to create the finished product.

  • Buying in bulk will often save you money. Topline Foods offers substantial savings for some of our most popular items that really help you keep your costs down. Just click on an item, then click the "buy in bulk and save" button (if it appears) to see the quantities you need to buy to attain the best savings. Having your freezer and refrigerator stocked with organic meat and produce will also make it easier to eat quality food because it is "in stock" at home. Once you become accustomed to the idea of cooking a protein and a side dish or two you'll realize it is often quicker to cook dinner at home than to even get take out!

  • When fruits and vegetables are in season they will also be much lower in cost. So, try to eat seasonally when shopping for your produce. Consider as well that organic frozen vegetables and fruits have extremely good nutrition as they are frozen so quickly after being harvested. These also may help you save money as they don't spoil so you can stock up and not worry about whether you will have the chance to use it all before it goes bad.

  • Take advantage of sales and specials. Sign up for our weekly newsletter which will let you know what is on sale, what is new and what has been restocked. You'll also find information about our Loyalty Rewards  and Referral Rewards programs and a link to a coupon to refer your friends to Topline Foods. When they buy you will be rewarded as well!

  • Consider going meatless one night a week and using vegetables to fill more of your plate and consuming smaller portions of meat.

  • Use more ground meats as these are your least expensive option while still allowing you to choose organic meat that is healthier for you. Learn more about the health benefits of organic meat here.

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